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Dear Readers,

It's the time of the year when everyone is busy with Autumn Winter launch planning and execution. The SALE is presently on and will end in 99% of retail stores by this weekend. The fresh look of stores are expected to be there by last week of Aug’11.

Last year we saw the usage of Mirrors in many AW Window Displays (Western countries). Mirrors are a popular way to create interesting design effects in window displays. They can reflect the product so that the customer sees it multiple times and from different angles. They can make the windows look bigger and create illusions of different space. They will also reflect images of the customer and the outside world. In Indian scenario we still see dry shoots and usage of beige and brown colors hues to highlight AW.

Hope there would be some innovative and ‘fresh’ windows and displays this AW. Please do share your work, and tips for AW displays with THINKtank readers.

Happy Displaying!!!

Chanel, Bond Street, London. Check out the way the mirrored walls create an illusion of a street corner as well as reflecting the coloured lights.   Kurt Geiger, Piccadilly. Last winter window used mirrored pedestals and props that look like icicles.



Dharmesh Patel is Chief - Experience Design Department at Future Group Ltd. He brings along with him 15 years of work experience, had done his BACHELOR IN COMMERCE and worked with Asian Industries as accountant for 4 years and then when on for perusing his dream in creative field and join NIFT, after doing FASHION DESIGN from NIFT he join Weekender and worked for 2 year as VM and he has been with Future Group Ltd. since 2002, currently is responsible for Store Design & Planning along with Visual Merchandising & graphic language for all the new projects and design.

His strong interpersonal skill and his style of working that balances both the commercial and the creative aspect are the key components of his success.

THINKtank: What led you to pursue a career in visual merchandising?
Dharmesh: It's an interesting question, reminds me the time when I started fresh after passing out from college. While giving interview for one of the retail company got to know about visual merchandising and thought of giving a try. The brief given to me for this job was quite interesting and involved all kinds of creativity, pulse it was directly related to my qualification ( i.e. Fashion Designer), the only change was, instead of designing merchandise I had to design for presentation/focusing the merchandise in the store. And now this choice of career has led me to store design and planning also.

THINKtank: What are the primary responsibilities of your job?
Dharmesh: To develop ideas and strategic designs related to retail customer experience i.e. from visual merchandising - Visual communication - Promotion activity - Store designing & planning - Fixtures designing and many more. Due to which the name of the department is Experience design.

THINKtank: What is the typical process you go through for implementing a display?
Dharmesh: My process mainly involves day to day planning, updates & prioritizing, as my work involves multiple projects and coordination with individual concept needs simultaneously. If you do an effective planning, prioritize your work and put an end date, it will lead you to efficient time management and ability to complete the project 100%. The ideal process followed by my team leaders for any design development starts with understanding the business / concept needs / merchandise and its requirement - market survey - ideating – final plan – final execution docket – vendor finalization – execution – handover.


THINKtank: Where does India stand today when one talks of visual merchandising?
Dharmesh: Previously if you ask anyone what is visual merchandising? The answer will be window display and visual placement. It was only a support function for any brand or business. But now it's an integral part for any retail business. VM helps in putting the merchandise in focus, educating the customer, creating desire and finally augmenting the selling process. Lot of international exposure and international brands have brought the awareness and importance of visual merchandising in India, but I will say, still there is lot more to learn and opportunity of growth.


THINKtank: Where do you see the future of visual merchandising going?
Presently Visual Merchandising in India is just in its stage of infancy but its future prospect is excellent. The demand of VM is also growing. Going forward the approach of visual merchandising will also change and will have much more professional touch; process oriented, more creative and customer centric.

THINKtank: Could you name me a few stores that have really stood out in terms of clever visual merchandising in India or even abroad?
There are many, but listed are the few which immediately come in my mind.
· Planet Sports at Vasantkunj, Delhi.
· Pantaloon at Vasantkunj, Delhi.
· Foodhall at Palladium, Phoenix mall, Mumbai.
· The Collective at Vasantkunj, Delhi & Phoenix mall, Mumbai.

· Zara across the world.
· Gourmet Market at K Village, Bangkok.
· Great Foodhall at Hong kong.
· Robinson at Chonburi, Thailand.
· Engelhon Sports at Mannheim Germany.
· Peek & Cloppen Burg at Germany.
· Super Sports at Bangkok.
· Index living mall at Bangna, Thailand.


A nice window, unexpectedly was noticed at CENTRAL, Surat, Gujrat.
Dentist Delight. A nice door-way to a Dentist Clinic; captured by Prachi Pandey, Future Group (North)


Here’s a nice article on Mannequins, recently published in The Times of India.



We are re-starting our ASK ME section, where you can ask any question, issue, problem, pertaining to Visual Merchandising or Displays and experts from the industry will advise you with the best possible solution.

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Soney Goklaney • Excellent...Thanks for the great articles. I am grateful 2 u 4 guiding n enlightening us in VM with THINKtank :-) thanks (via facebook)

Harshzad K • Nice window display | THINKtank Update 52 (via LinkedIN)

Neha Gupta • Interesting...I also liked current "Promod" window...neat, clean and colourful | THINKtank Update 52 (via LinkedIN)

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