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Dear Readers,

Have you ever noticed the camaraderie among NBA players on the basketball court? In the spirit of competition, players applaud their teammates; it doesn't matter whether they are watching a winning basket or a missed free throw. The effort expended is worthy of support and recognition.

We believe this example parallels our work over the past 2 years now. Your support and contribution of our efforts, is appreciated and extends beyond mere reinforcement. Medals and plaques are unimportant to us. Thank you for supporting our initiative. Hope you are enjoying the ThinkTank updates; we look forward for your more suggestions and contributions.

Also, this month most of the Visual Merchandisers and retailers will be seen at the In-Store Asia 2009 held at Bangaluru from 16-18 July 2009. Most importantly the exclusive workshop on Visual Merchandising conducted by Jose Maria Bustos - President / Creative Director - Visual Merchandising Asia Pvt. Ltd., is a must for every visual merchandiser, retail designer, store planners, and retailers. This workshop will cover the understanding of important trends and fashions that drive grocery retailing; Identifying different types of grocery and food stores; Common layouts and fixtures; Describing key locations for product displays; Utilizing techniques to create mass displays and focal areas & Locating resources for creative inspiration. Date: Saturday 18th July'09 Time: 10:30 am to 1:30 am.

So, hoping to see most of you there!
Happy reading!

Team THINKtank


Apple has debuted new window displays for its new iPod Hi-Fi and Intel processor computers. The above window will have police patrol officers doing a double-take for weeks, because it simulates a broken window in front of a iPod Hi-Fi sound component. Great idea, and for sure an attention grabber.

  At Selfridge's in London, more window displays depicting characters from various children's stories.

Jose Maria has worked within the Visual Merchandising Industry for over thirty years having worked for companies like I. Magnin & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Field’s & Co., Dayton’s & Hudson’s department stores (Director for 150 department stores) and C.K. Tangs. He has written articles for Retail Asia Publishing and for Retail Biz, published by the Times of India and recently several articles for InSpire Retail, Capitalands in house magazine. He is presently Creative Director of VMA Pte Ltd, a Visual Merchandising consultancy and design firm based in Singapore.

“Without a doubt Jose Maria Bustos is today the leading exponent of Visual Merchandising practicing in Asia. His unique and extensive background in department and specialty stores in the USA combined with many years of practical experience in Asia and the Pacific Rim makes him what he is today.” Professor Martin M. Pegler (legendary VM Guru) VMA Pte. Ltd.

VMA Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based visual merchandising service provider and consultancy. Visual Merchandising Asia is dedicated to the enhancement of store design, visual merchandising and display in Asia. VMA aims to foster excellence at every level of the retail sector through the development of corporate guidelines for presentation, VM training seminars and in-store brand enhancement and design strategies.

The company provides a targeted, single minded approach to retail design, display and merchandising. Thus it offers clients the ability to address multiple issues through a one-stop shop which understands the importance of an integrated and focused vision.
VMA Pte. Ltd. seeks to share its unique knowledge and insights with the Asian retail industry at large. The company does this through channels such as training seminars and workshops (for organizations like MasterCard International, IGDS (International Group of Department Stores, Zurich Switzerland) the Retail Academy of Singapore, Singapore Retailer’s Association and the Congress of Indian Industries to name a few) and through numerous articles that have been published in magazines like Retail Asia (Singapore) and Retail Biz (India).


Jose Maria Bustos
President-Visual Merchandising Asia Pvt. Ltd.



Universal Display is a leading manufacturer of mannequins, forms and display products. Founded in 1951 and remaining in the same family ownership for 55 years. For more details please visit:
The InfoHolder System comes in a freestanding unit or wall-mounted display with clear panels. Graphics slide in for easy replacement. Available in clear and black anodized aluminum stock finishes.

Decorative Glass Inserts come in more than 100 designs, in both tempered and non-tempered glass formats. Tiles can be custom cut to any size.
Eighteen inches square and 3 in.-by-8 in. deep, these Open Cube Risers can fit tabletop and shelf presentations or stack together pyramid style.

Mastering Layout On The Art Of Eye Appeal
ISBN #: 9780911380682
by Mike Stevens

This best-selling book covers the fundamental principles of layout for signs. Ask any "old timer" in the sign industry and they will tell you to get Mike Stephens' Mastering Layout. It teaches how to see, organize and manipulate graphic elements for unified, legible and visually appealing results. Over 80 illustrations demonstrate "before-and-after" results of applying the principles. Includes a troubleshooting checklist for isolating, analyzing and correcting layout weaknesses in your own designs. This book has literally taught thousands the principles and practices for excellence in sign design;
Soft-cover: 10.5 x 8, 127 pages; PRICE: $29.95




1 . Consider intensity, value and contrast when developing color schemes.
a . Be careful when using strong contrast and loud colors.
b . The more intense the color, the smaller the area it should cover
c. The more intense the color, the softer the second color should be. Do not combine two or more strong colors without changing the value or intensity.
d . Do not paint large areas in strong colors.

2 . Match the color scheme to the merchandise on display.
a . Use a neutral color, or one of the main colors of the merchandise for the floor, walls and background.
b . Use soft tints rather than saturated hues.

3 . Associate the value of the merchandise displayed to the selection of colors in the display.
a . Lower-priced merchandise is generally displayed in a color scheme of vivid hue.
b . Use a more refined color scheme with the more exclusive merchandise. Color schemes seen in current fashion are acceptable.
c . Do not mix high-priced and low-priced merchandise in a display. Items should be grouped by price and design.

4 . Light tints are pleasing to the eye. Light tints seem to deepen the window space, increasing the window size.

5 . Dark shades appear to bring the background to the fore, shortening the perceived window space.

6 . Color contrasts are welcome, but dangerous.
a . Watch for color clashes.
b . Be careful about confining strong contrasts to smal accessories.
c . Bold combinations can be very effective if done in good taste.

7 . More than two principal colors can be grouped proportionately in one display. Greater effort must be made, however, to achieve harmony. Pastels go well together.

Certain color combinations work because they have been traditionally accepted. New color combinations have to be carefully thought out to avoid shock or offense hrough an inappropriate use of a familiar color. One way to learn about color is to observe some of the newer stores and see what color combinations have been used in the different departments.



  Course Description:
This 20 week (5 month) course has been designed for those wishing to begin a career in the visual merchandising or those who hold positions as visual merchandisers in the retail industry.
  Aims & Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the Visual Merchandising industry including: principles & elements of display, development & design of language for the purpose of product presentation, design &
construction of props, and working to an industry brief
  Entry requirements:
Satisfactory completion of graduation or its equivalent from any recognised university, or some art/ design experience and/or a demonstrated capacity and motivation for this field. Applicants may attach a folio of their art, craft, design work or photographs of display and merchandise presentation with the application form.
  How to apply:
Just fill in the application form and send it accross to us. You can download the application form from the e-vm section of our website. or CLICK HERE to download the form.
  Call: +91 98107 80149
Mail: [email protected]

*Conditions Apply.


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