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By Swati Bhalla & Anuraag S
Tata McGraw Hill Education, New Delhi

264 pages I Price: Rs.375 (full-colour)
ISBN 978-0-07-015321-9


Retail is a very detailed business but is seen as very simple by one and all. This is the only business in the world where one can get advice from a daughter-in-law to your motherin-law, on every aspect of retailing from Customer Service to Merchandise or Displays. The reason being, that the whole business revolves around customer centricity. Therefore, a customer, who exactly knows, what he or she wants, the expectation get spelt out very clearly.

In such a simple business, the complication arrives due to:
| creatively and effectively educates customers about products offered.
| enables a successful selling process, from browsing to buying.
| makes for a creative medium to present products in a lifelike environment, thus creating strong impact and recall value.
| establishes correct context – or background – for the merchandise to be sold.
| attracts attention of the customers.
| assists customers in matching their needs with the merchandise

The efficient management of million of such details is a complicated matrix that requires sophisticated handling of every aspect of the retail business. All this makes the business of retailing very complex. Retailers are constantly endeavoring to make such businesses successful – managing customer expectations, employee relations and profitability at the same time. Put together, it makes the business of retail a challenging task.

In such an environment, distinction can be created by ensuring that a store is visually presented in a fashion that a customer finds it easy to see, select, try, buy and make his or her aspiration to the process of buying.

As a student of retail, it is important to understand the complexity of the business of retail and to manage the same, with the use of technology and dedicated management of employees, so as to ensure that the organisation is created for customer service and customer satisfaction.

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